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Hi, I’m Alana

My family and I love to travel. But ever since my second son was born and my angelic firstborn grew into a rambunctious toddler, flying is a serious struggle. I missed trip opportunities because I couldn’t handle flying with them alone. I wished I had an extra set of hands to help lug gear and keep the kids safe and happy while on board the plane. So I created AirPair to match flying families like mine with a helping hand.



For families:

I don’t fully get it. Is an AirPair a babysitter on board?
Sort of, but not exactly. An AirPair is an extra set of hands to support you and all of your child-related needs in the airport and on board the plane.  If you need help lugging baby gear, running after your rambunctious 3 year old in the Security line, walking your toddling 1 year old up and down the aisles, entertaining your kids beyond the iPad, helping to feed you older kids while your baby is asleep in your arms, supporting their sleep, watching the kids while you go to the bathroom, helping to change diapers, etc., an AirPair can help. 

Do I need to purchase their ticket?
Nope! An AirPair is already flying to the same destination. They are delighted to make some extra money while in-flight. Customers will pay an hourly fee for airport and flight time. 

Does my AirPair sit next to my family?
The goal is yes. But if seats cannot be changed before the flight, once you are on board, most likely a neighbor will willingly switch seats with the AirPair

What if my AirPair isn’t helpful?
We have a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your matched AirPair. 

What if I absolutely love my AirPair?
Great! We encourage you to tip your AirPair. We’d love you to write a review for them as well. 

Are AirPairs experienced with children?
Yes, most of our AirPairs are experienced babysitters and have gone through a training program to learn the best practices for flying with children, but they are not necessarily childcare professionals. 

How else can AirPair be used? Our AirPairs can also serve as a travel companion and helping hand to disabled, elderly or nervous fliers. Let us know how we can help to make your travels easier. 

Are AirPairs background checked?
AirPairs do not undergo a formal background check, however before an AirPair is connected to his or her match, they are vetted by the company - they share a brief bio and communicate over email and phone. We take the security of your family very seriously and thus take great comfort in knowing airports and airplanes are among the most secure environments in the world.

For AirPairs:

How much do I get paid?

The average fee is $20/hr for flight and airport time, but I know one size doesn’t fit all, so AirPairs and families can suggest their own rates and hopefully come to an agreement.

Can I get a free flight?

Possibly, but don’t count on it. In rare circumstances a family may offer to buy your ticket.

What happens if I buy a ticket but the family cancels their flight?

Every AirPair is responsible for their own ticket. AirPair is for folks who plan to fly anyway.

If you have any more questions, write us at and we’ll set up a call with you.